Base58 encoder/decoder for Embulk
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Base58 filter plugin for Embulk

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Embulk filter plugin to convert hex to base58 and vice versa.


  • Plugin type: filter


  • columns: Columns to encode/decode (array, required)
    • name: Name of input column (string, required)
    • encode: Whether to encode or decode the value. (boolean, default:true)
    • prefix: Adds a prefix when encoding, or strips the prefix when decoding. (string, default:"")
    • new_name: New column name if you want to rename (string, default: null)


  - type: base58
    - { name: _id }
    - { name: account_id, encode: true, prefix: account_, new_name: public_account_id }


$ ./gradlew gem  # -t to watch change of files and rebuild continuously

Hat tip to kamatama41/embulk-filter-hash