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ddcctl: DDC monitor controls for the OSX command line

Adjust your external monitors' built-in controls from the OSX shell:

  • brightness
  • contrast

And possibly (if your monitor firmware is well implemented):

  • input source
  • built-in speaker volume
  • on/off/standby
  • rgb colors
  • color presets
  • reset


make install

For an On-Screen Display using
make CCFLAGS=-DOSD clean ddcctl


Run ddcctl -h for some options. is a script I use to control two PC monitors plugged into my Mac Mini.
You can point Alfred, ControlPlane, or Karabiner at it to quickly switch presets.

Input Sources

When setting input source, refer to the table below to determine which value to use. For example, to set your first display to HDMI: ddcctl -d 1 -i 17

Input Source Value
VGA-1 1
VGA-2 2
DVI-1 3
DVI-2 4
Composite video 1 5
Composite video 2 6
S-Video-1 7
S-Video-2 8
Tuner-1 9
Tuner-2 10
Tuner-3 11
Component video (YPrPb/YCrCb) 1 12
Component video (YPrPb/YCrCb) 2 13
Component video (YPrPb/YCrCb) 3 14
DisplayPort-1 15
DisplayPort-2 16
HDMI-1 17
HDMI-2 18
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