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Minor update, mostly just to get be able to build binary distributions for various platforms.

New in version 2.10.1 of Moscow ML

  • ML Server Pages added to examples
  • Build system cleaned up a bit
@kfl kfl
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New in version 2.10 of Moscow ML

  • Support for dynamic linking and callback from C also under MacOS X
  • There may now be 2 G globals (string literals etc) instead of 64 K
  • Bugs fixed:
    • The HTML files generated for mosmllib now have valid URLs
    • more efficient
    • Recursive structure compilation (elabRecSigExp) fixed
    • Several errors in Mosmlcookie
    • Misplaced double quote in Msp.ahrefa
    • Exception Option wasn't available at top-level
    • Linker did not check stamps of linked-in units
    • Hash function now much faster on very long strings
    • Double alignment constraints now correct with gcc-3.2 and Solaris
    • Bug in Polyhash.filter
    • Socket library returned only first 16 bytes of UDP datagram
  • SML Basis Library changes:
    • String and Substring: added concatWith, isSuffix, isSubstring, full
    • ListPair: added zipEq, appEq, mapEq, foldlEq, foldrEq, allEq
    • Added ArraySlice and VectorSlice structures, also for Char and Word8
    • Added find, findi, all, exists, collate to vector, array and
      slice structures
    • Added collate to List
    • Added update to vector structures
    • Path.{mkRelative,mkAbsolute} now take record arguments
    • Negative Time.time values allowed
    • OS.Process: new functions sleep and isSuccess; status not eqtype
    • Listsort: added eqclasses, merge, mergeUniq
    • Path: added functions isRoot, fromUnixPath, toUnixPath, and
      exception InvalidArc (bug report by Henning Niss)
    • TextIO: inputLine now have type instream -> string option
    • Array: added type abbreviation vector (bug report by Andrzej
    • FileSys: type access renamed to access_mode (bug report by
      Henning Niss)
    • Byte: unpackString{,Vec} now uses vector slices (bug report by
      Henning Niss)
    • Unix: added functions fromStatus, textInstreamOf, binInstreamOf,
      textOutstreamOf, binOutstreamOf, exit, and added phantom types
      to proc (bug report by Henning Niss)
    • Timer: added function checkCPUTimes
    • Word and Word8: added functions toLarge, toLargeX, and fromLarge
      (bug report by Martin Elsman)
    • General: added exception Span and made the type of the function
      before less general (bug report by Henning Niss)
  • Added modules to mosmllib:
    • Buffer: mutable string buffers for fast and efficient
      concatenation of strings
    • Hashset: sets implemented by hash-tables
    • Rbset: ordered sets implemented by red-black trees
    • Redblackmap: maps implemented by red-black trees
  • Moscow ML is now developed in the open at github.