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Simple demo using Sinatra, Rspec, Capybara, Cucumber

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git clone git://
bundle install --path .bundle --binstubs .bundle/bin
rake thin       # start server on port 3000
rake console    # irb console with environment loaded
rake spec       # run specs

Expected time

3-4 hours

I spend whole weekend with this (: , for completeness I must say, most of time
I struggled to adapt my style-sheet to 'corporate.css' (which I shamelessly
borrowed from your site).
I think it was worth it because now, I hope, the demo looks familiar to you :)

Requirements / Notes

  • Use the latest stable Ruby
  • Use the latest stable Ruby on Rails
  • Most of codes should be test-covered
  • Using any database is allowed (Quipper is using MongoDB)
  • Using any testing-framework is allowed (Quipper is using rspec / capybara)
  • Using any open source libraries in any layers are allowed
  • Using any web service are allowed (e.g. Amazon S3 for storing uploaded files)
  • You don't have to finish all the user stories.
  • You don't have to finish the user stories in that order

The truth is I didn't use RoR for 2 years, because I switched to Sinatra,
but I can't say I haven't followed it's development. Lately I've been using
the Dojo framework, but I am familiar with Prototype as well, no experience with JQuery.
About five months ago I gave a try to Ender.js, node.js and I had fun with them.
As ORM I have a vast amount of experience with ActiveRecord, Sequel, Mongoid on
MySQL, SqLite, MongoDB. I switched to Linux back in 1997 RedHat, SuSE, openSuSE,
Arch Linux is what I used/use on my desktop, Gentoo is my choice for a server.

What we want to see in this test

  • Your skills of writing code (logical / simple / DRY)
  • Your working knowledge of testing.
  • Your working knowledge of Ruby / RoR
  • Your working knowledge of libraries related to Ruby/RoR
  • Your working knowledge of Git (Github) operation
  • Your total ability of building a simple but rich user interface web system

Now the difficult, sensitive part. :)
One of the reasons that convinced me to fill this demo was my ignorance in
testing web applications, because of this, perhaps (more likely) test cases
written by me are not the most appropriate, correct.
I hope (since I started using them,  thanks to you) that in a short time I
can fix this problem, not just for this demo, but because I realized their
importance, usefulness in application development.
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