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A navigation program for glider pilots and other flight enthusiasts...

Cumulus is a well established free Open Source flight navigation software written for glider pilots and other flight enthusiasts. This software is running on Nokia's Internet Tablets N8x0 and N900, on Android and on the Linux Desktops Ubuntu and Debian.

Cumulus provides a moving map display with all the information you need to make navigation easier while flying, yet requiring a minimum of user interaction. Navigation during flight is based on the processing of GPS information delivered either by a built in GPS receiver or an external Bluetooth GPS device.

Cumulus features a full color moving map with information on terrain, airfields, airspace, (rail-) roads, water, cities and many other details. It handles waypoints, IGC logging and tasks in cooperation with KFLog, wind determination, reachable sites, final glide, sunrise and sunset calculations, airport weather stations query (METAR and TAF), flight logbook, live flight tracking via Internet and as well as automatic task point switching is also supported.

Cumulus can also process and display Flarm data, if the target device was connected with the Flarm device via a Serial-Bluetooth adapter or an USB IOIO Uart board (IOIO is only supported by Android). The IOIO bord can also supply the device with power. Furthermore Cumulus is able to upload configuration data and task definitions to the Flarm device and to download your flights from the Flarm device.

If an used Android device has built-in a barometric sensor, you can activate it in Cumulus and use its data as a barometric pressure altitude.

More information about the usage of Cumulus is to find on its web page.

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