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Known Bugs and Caveats

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All Browsers

  • Column containers do not stretch vertically across a row, they only stretch as far as the content they contain1.

Webkit-Based Browsers (Chrome, Safari)

  • You will notice that your grid tends to line up better in Firefox or Internet Explorer than in Webkit-based browsers (such as Google Chrome and Safari). This is due to the way these browsers handle sub-pixel rounding in CSS. Luckily, these slight differences are unnoticeable in most circumstances.

Internet Explorer

  • Versions 7.0 and below
    • Because of the way Internet Explorer handles sub-pixel rounding in CSS, the “last” class must be applied to any column in a row that stretches to the end of the row (with the exception of columns that have been shifted)2.
  • Version 6.0
    • If a row contains more than one column and the last column in the row is unable to contain its content, it will drop down to the next row.
  • Version 5.0
    • Shifting columns is not supported.


1 The jQuery.flurid plugin supports equal height columns.

2 The “last” class will be applied for you automatically if you use the jQuery.flurid plugin (though this will break graceful degradation).

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