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Author Kyle Florence
Version 2.3.20101013

Change Log

Version 2.3 (10/13/2010)

  • Fix multiple instance bugs
  • Clean up tabulate method
  • Added "no_results" event handler
  • Cleanup and reorganization of options
  • Add more example content
  • Updated jsdocs
  • Updated this README

Version 2.2 (10/08/2010)

  • Updated demo and examples
  • Added new images to default theme
  • Removed minified version (will re-institute in tagged versions)
  • Added pagination for static JSON data (scope)
  • Fixed bugs relating to table options and their data
  • Added AJAX load example, including a PHP JSON feed file

Version 2.1 (09/27/2010)

  • Cleanup and reorganization.
  • Refined dependencies

Version 2.0 (06/27/2010)

  • Added demo page.
  • Added "default" theme style and images.
  • Added the ability to pass content and class names in as a function.
  • Changed the way columns are built via passing them in. You now pass in row and column information into the "table" object, which is then divided into the "rows" and "columns" objects. Each of these are also broken down by section (usually "head", "body" and/or "foot"). This grouping seems to make more sense, logically.
  • Changed the way tabulate initially gathers its data. It is now nested within the "data" object as "source" -- also changed the "load" function to "gather_data" as it makes more sense, logically.
  • Semantic changes, mainly for readability and namespacing.

Version 1.2 (06/22/2010)

  • Fixed passing in rows and columns as objects (previously resulted in an empty dataset as the object would be pushed to an array).
  • Fixed rows and columns event handlers not being called because of namespacing (namespacing of event handlers is now user controlled).
  • Fixed column names if columns is passed as an object, fixed column name if array is passed (now uses a "one" based index instead of "zero").
  • Added convenience methods for triggering event handlers and error handlers ("trigger" and "error", respectfully), useful especially when called from outside the class.
  • Added a "filters" parameter to the load function which allows you to apply filters to a single request only (does not store these filters in class).

Version 1.0 (06/11/2010)

  • Initial release


Found a bug? Have a suggestion? Please shoot me an email (see above).


Copyright (c) 2010 Kyle Florence
Licensed under the GNU General Public License.

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