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Builds a table from arbitrary JSON data.
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jQuery.tabulate Plugin

  Author: Kyle Florence <>
  Version: 1.2.20100622

  - 06/22/2010 - Version 1.2
      - BUG FIXES
          - fixed passing in rows and columns as objects (previously resulted in
            an empty dataset as the object would be pushed to an array).
          - fixed rows and columns event handlers not being called because of
            namespacing (namespacing of event handlers is now user controlled).
          - fixed column names if columns is passed as an object, fixed column
            name if array is passed (now uses a "one" based index instead of
      - FEATURES
          - Added convenience methods for triggering event handlers and error
            handlers ("trigger" and "error", respectfully), useful especially
            when called from outside the class.
          - Added a "filters" parameter to the load function which allows you
            to apply filters to a single request only (does not store these
            filters in class).
  - 06/11/2010 - Version 1.0
      - Initial release

Found a bug?  Have a suggestion?  Please shoot me an email (see above).
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