Connect Bitbucket pull requests to a variety of notification services
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bitbucket-pull-request-connector is a node application that accepts Bitbucket pull request POST hooks and sends appropriate messages over notification services.

Build Status


This project is released under The ISC License. See for more information.


Supported pull request action types

  • created
  • updated
  • approved
  • declined
  • merged

Supported Notification Services

  • HipChat


The following values should be set in the node application's environment:


  • CONNECTOR -- the service connector to use. Currently, 'hipchat' is the only option (and is accordingly the default).
  • PORT -- the port on which the application should run. Defaults to 5000.

HipChat Connector

  • HIPCHAT_API_KEY -- a Notification HipChat API key
  • HIPCHAT_ROOM_ID -- the ID of the room to which to send notifications
  • HIPCHAT_NAME -- the label of the 'user' who sends the message
  • HIPCHAT_COLOR -- the background color of the message. One of "yellow", "red", "green", "purple", "gray", or "random". (default: purple)


The following instructions should produce a running copy of the application on Heroku. They assume you have a Heroku account and HipChat credentials (Room ID and API key).

git clone
cd bitbucket-pull-request-connector
heroku login
heroku create
heroku config:set HIPCHAT_API_KEY=mykey HIPCHAT_ROOM_ID=12345
git push heroku master
heroku ps:scale web=1
heroku open

You are now ready to add pull request POST hooks to any repositories you'd like to monitor. Go to your Bitbucket project's settings and add a Pull Request POST hook under the "Hooks" section. The hook's endpoint should be set to the URL listed in your browser after running heroku open. For example, it may be something like