Svbtle theme is a close copy of with a few minor changes for use with Pelican and to suit the author's tastes.
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Svbtle theme is a close copy of the design of with a few minor changes for use with Pelican and to suit Kevin Richardson's personal tastes.


You can see the theme in action, or the site code here.

theme screenshot


  • syntax highlighting for code blocks
  • Google Analytics
  • custom list of links


Download or clone the repository. Edit and modify the THEME variable to point to the downloaded theme location.


The following are the Pelican global variables currently supported by the theme. You may wish to view Kevin Richardson's for more information.

sidebar settings

  • note: listed in the order shown in the template
  • LOGO_URL -- the URL of the logo for the site.
  • TAGLINE -- the text to display underneath AUTHOR in the left-hand menu.
  • DISPLAY_PAGES_ON_MENU = True/False. If True, display a list of pages defined within content/pages
  • MENUITEMS -- (('name1', 'url1'), ('name2', 'url2'))
  • LINKS -- (('name1', 'url1'), ('name2', 'url2'))`


  • DEFAULT_DATE_FORMAT = ('%b %d, %Y') -- date format for post publication dates
  • FEED_DOMAIN = SITEURL. The prefix URL for the Atom/RSS feeds.
  • FEED_ATOM -- ATOM feed name. ex: 'feeds/all.atom.xml'
  • FEED_RSS -- RSS feed name. ex: 'feeds/all.rss'
  • HEADER_MESSAGE -- the text to display in the header of the homepage. Defaults to "Have a great day."
  • GOOGLE_ANALYTICS -- the site's Google Analytics key string.

When developing locally, set the following variable:

SITEURL = http://localhost:8000


  • Accent color can be changed by editing @accent in ./static/css/style.less. You will need to install lessc via node package manager (npm install -g lessc) or a similar tool to compile the LESS stylesheet into a CSS stylesheet via make less.

  • A different Pygmentize theme can be used by editing ./Makefile and running make pygments.



Released under the MIT License. See full details in the LICENSE file.


  • no IE testing
  • no custom menu