Step by Step Guide: Running Processing's Video Library in Eclipse Mars2
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Step by Step Guide: Running Processing's Video Library in Eclipse Mars2


As a reference: but not to helpful here.

I have Win10 64bit, P3.3.4 64bit and Eclipse Mars 2.0 This is what I did. Open the example video>>Capture>>BrightnessTracking

Run the sketch. It works for me. I get some warnings related to the GStreamer-CRITICAL... Notice you will get those warnings on the other side.

Now I did this: I exported the library and I didn't check the 64 bit part[STEP1.png]. This step will produce two folders. Check Export_BrightnessTracking_folderTree.docx


This will create two folders,one for the 32 and another for the 64 bit version. In my machine, I tried running the 32 version and it didn't execute as I didn't get any video. On the other hand, the executable in the 64-bit folder worked [!!!]. So I will be using these files in the next steps.

Now open eclipse and create a new Java Project which I named briBriBri (For a better name) [STEP2]:


In this new project, add a new class called BrightnessTracking [STEP3].No need to add main as it will be replaced in the next step.


Now, go back to the 64 bit export folder and search for the file. Open it with a text editor (or Processing) and copy the entire content and paste it in this new generated class. Make sure you preserve the first line of the class, the o one that makes reference to the name of your project's package. In my case: package briBriBri;

[STEP4] shows all those red lines... let's fix that.


[STEP5 and STEP6] Right click on your project and click on import, then on the dialog box click File System:



In [STEP7] search for the location of the exported files that you get from step1. I decided to use library>>video>capture>BrigghtnessTracking>>application.windows64>>lib for reasons I commented above. Notice there is also a folder called plugins inside the lib folder. step7

Then you are back on the previous dialog box Title Import and Importing: File System. It will populated with jar and dll files on the right box. [STEP8] Click select all: step8

Now, select all the jar files. Notice there is the video.jar file at the end of the list (It is not shown in the screen shot). Right click on the selection then select Build Path>> Add To Build Path [STEP9]

Step10 shows when I try running the code. Choose Java Applet and hit run.


Notice I got a warning shown in STEP11.png: ""Selection does not contain an Applet". Dismiss it:


Now you will get a bunch of warnings and the sketch should run. If it does not work, then go to Build >> Clean in the Eclipse's menu and try running again.

I attached an extra file showing the structure of the files and folders in the briBriBri project after i get everything running. The name of the file is Export_BrightnessTracking_folderTree.docx

I hope it works.


EXTRA note:

Ok... so i tried these other instructions and it also worked taking less steps:

Notice that when adding the jar files, I only added the jar file and I did not include the DLL files or the plugins folder which contains more DLL files. It didn't at first, so i had to do a Project>>Clean and then run it and voila.