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@@ -137,7 +137,6 @@ The following files constitute the KEVM semantics:
These additional files extend the semantics to make the repository more useful:

- []( is an execution harness for KEVM, providing a simple language for describing tests/programs.
- []( contains any automated analysis tools we develop.
- []( defines high-level notations of [eDSL], a domain-specific language for EVM specifications, for formal verification of EVM bytecode using [K Reachability Logic Prover].

Example Usage
@@ -181,7 +180,7 @@ These are the individual test-suites (all of these can be suffixed with `-all` t
- `make test-vm`: VMTests from the [Ethereum Test Set].
- `make test-bchain`: Subset of BlockchainTests from the [Ethereum Test Set].
- `make test-proof`: Proofs from the [Verified Smart Contracts].
- `make test-interactive`: Tests of the `./kevm` command and of [analysis tools](
- `make test-interactive`: Tests of the `./kevm` command.

When running tests with the `Makefile`, you can specify the `TEST_CONCRETE_BACKEND` (for concrete tests), or `TEST_SYMBOLIC_BACKEND` (for proofs).

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