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Add "spawn" and "join" constructs to environment-based FUN.  To
facilitate testing, this exercise should extend the "io" exercise of
environment-based FUN.  Also, to see the various non-deterministic
behaviors due to concurrency, you should label several rules, then
kompile with the option --transition, and then krun with option
--search.  See texts/config.xml for details, and recall that several
rules can have the same label.

The following program should have 4 different outputs ("22", "23",
"32", and "33"), although these can be reached through more than four
final configurations:

let x = 1
in (spawn (&x := x + 1; print x); &x := x + 1; print x)

The following program is now fully synchronized, so it should only
have one solution:

let x = 1
in (join spawn (&x := x + 1; print x); &x := x + 1; print x)
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