Semantics of Solidity in K
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Semantics of Solidity in K


With the new Makefile, K is now a submodule of this project.

In order to obtain and build K (if not done already) use:

make deps

This will clone and build the k repository into .build/k.

Building the K definition

For now, only the Java backend is supported. To build the definition, use:

make build

In order to clean the current build, just use

make clean

Notice that the kompiled definition is now saved in .build/java.

How to run test programs

Once the prerequisites are in place and the definition is kompiled, it is possible to run Solidity test cases using the supplied ./ksol script. For instructions on use, call:

./ksol help

More info

For more information about building, please consult the Makefile. For information about running, please consult the ksol script. For a more fleshed out example of semantics, see