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KSolidity: Semantics of Solidity in K

This repository presents a prototype formal semantics of Solidity.


K Backends

This repository generates the build-products for the Java and OCaml backends for K in .build/defn/java/ and .build/defn/ocaml/.

System Dependencies

The following are needed for building/running KSolidity:

  • git
  • Pandoc >= 1.17 is used to generate the *.k files from the *.md files.
  • GNU Bison, Flex, and Autoconf.
  • GNU libmpfr and libtool.
  • Java 8 JDK (eg. OpenJDK)
  • Opam, important: Ubuntu users prior to 15.04 must build from source, as the Ubuntu install for 14.10 and prior is broken. opam repository also requires rsync.

On Ubuntu >= 15.04 (for example):

sudo apt install                                                          \
         autoconf curl flex gcc libffi-dev libmpfr-dev libtool make maven \
         opam openjdk-8-jdk pandoc pkg-config python3 python-pygments     \
         python-recommonmark python-sphinx time zlib1g-dev


After installing the above dependencies, make sure the submodules are setup:

git submodule update --init --recursive

If you haven't already setup K's OCaml dependencies more recently than February 1, 2019, then you also need to setup the K OCaml dependencies:


NOTE: It may prove useful to first do rm -rf ~/.opam if you've setup K projcets in the past and are experiencing trouble with the newest opam libraries. This is a fairly destructive operation, and will break any other projects that depend on specific locally installed ocaml packages.

Finally, you can install repository specific dependencies and build the semantics:

make deps
make build

To only build specific backends, you can do make build-java, make build-ocaml, or make build-haskell.

This Repository

Semantics Layout

The following files constitute the KSolidity semantics:

  • configuration.k is the KSolidity configuration, or state defintion.
  • contract.k defines the semantics of defining and loading contracts into the state.
  • driver.k loads and runs tests from the test-set.
  • expression.k defines the semantics of Solidity expressions.
  • function.k defines the semantics of loading functions inside a contract.
  • solidity.k is the top-level semantics file which includes all the other files.
  • solidity-syntax.k defines the syntax of the Solidity language.
  • statement.k the syntax of Solidity statements inside functions.

Example usage: ./ksol runner script

After building the definition, you can run the definition using ./ksol. The most up-to-date documentation will always be in ./ksol help.

Run the file tests/functionCall_2.sol:

./ksol run tests/functionCall_2.sol

Run the same file as a test:

./ksol test tests/functionCall_2.sol

You can optionally override the default backend using the --backend BACKEND flag:

./ksol run --backend ocaml tests/functionCall_2.sol


The target test contains all the currently passing tests.

make test



Semantics of Solidity in K



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