MicroPython driver for the Microchip MCP9808 temperature sensor
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This repository contains a MicroPython "driver" implementation for the MCP9808 temperature sensor from Microchip.

Currently only a reasonably small subset of the features the sensor is implemented.


  • Reading the temperature value in degree celsius. The read() method supports floating point values and the read_int() method does not use floating point arythmetic at all and does return a tuple of decimal and fraction parts of the temperature reading.

  • Shutdown mode to save power. When not in shutdown mode the sensor does draw 200-400 uA. Data acquisition can only be stopped in the so called "shutdown mode". In this mode communication is still possible using I2C.

  • Changing the data acquisition resolution and duration. On power up the sensor is set to maximum resolution.

    Mode Name Resolution Duration Samples / sec
    T_RES_MIN +-0.5 °C 30 ms 33
    T_RES_LOW +-0.25 °C 65 ms 15
    T_RES_AVG +-0.125 °C 130 ms 7
    T_RES_MAX +-0.0625 °C 250 ms 4

Not yet implemented

  • Alert temperature boundaries, hysteresis and comparator mode
  • Interrupt mode