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#include "audiere.h"
#include "debug.h"
#include "dumb_resample.h"
#include "types.h"
#include "utility.h"
namespace audiere {
class Resampler : public RefImplementation<SampleSource> {
Resampler(SampleSource* source, int rate);
// for now, resamplers always return (2, rate, 16-bit)
void ADR_CALL getFormat(
int& channel_count,
int& sample_rate,
SampleFormat& sample_format);
int ADR_CALL read(int frame_count, void* buffer);
void ADR_CALL reset();
bool ADR_CALL isSeekable();
int ADR_CALL getLength();
void ADR_CALL setPosition(int position);
int ADR_CALL getPosition();
bool ADR_CALL getRepeat();
void ADR_CALL setRepeat(bool repeat);
int ADR_CALL getTagCount();
const char* ADR_CALL getTagKey(int i);
const char* ADR_CALL getTagValue(int i);
const char* ADR_CALL getTagType(int i);
const char* ADR_CALL getDecoder();
void setPitchShift(float shift);
float getPitchShift();
void fillBuffers();
void resetState();
RefPtr<SampleSource> m_source;
int m_rate;
int m_native_channel_count;
int m_native_sample_rate;
SampleFormat m_native_sample_format;
enum { BUFFER_SIZE = 4096 };
sample_t m_native_buffer_l[BUFFER_SIZE];
sample_t m_native_buffer_r[BUFFER_SIZE];
DUMB_RESAMPLER m_resampler_l;
DUMB_RESAMPLER m_resampler_r;
int m_buffer_length; // number of samples read into each buffer
float m_shift;
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