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High Altitude Balloon Simulator
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HABSim - A high altitude balloon simulator.

This program numerically simulates the flight path of a high altitude balloon. HABSim is meant to be a simulation engine which outputs simulation data for other programs to use and display.

We aim to have this program as data agnostic as possible. Currently NOEXC uses data from NOAA's Global Forecast System to make flight predictions.

Currently Considers:

  • ISA Atmospheric Model - Used to determine pressure, density and temperature of the atmosphere.
  • Variable ascent rate - Ascent rate calculated from buoyancy and drag.
  • Calculated lateral velocity - Lateral velocity from drag on balloon due to wind.
  • Calculated descent velocity - Calculates drag from parachute (given a coefficient of drag).
  • Calculated burst altitude - Given burst volume and initial fill volume.
  • Interpolated wind - bilinear interpolation of wind between lat/lon gird points.

Planned (roughly in order of importance):

  • Balloon Thermodynamics - energy input into balloon system. (ascent rate model improvement)


There are two implementations, one in haskell/ and one in c/. The haskell codebase is generally more full featured, better maintained, and is the intended simulator to use for flight purposes. Haddock for the Haskell library can be found here.

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