Gravity simulation in C using Barnes-Hut algorithm.
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GravitySim is a gravity simulator (duh) written in C, using the Barnes-Hut algorithm to approximate gravity interactions between objects. The only dependency is the GLFW2 library, you shoud be able to install it using either apt-get on linux or homebrew on OSX.

Installing GLFW2 on OSX
brew tap homebrew/versions
brew install --build-bottle --static glfw2


Compile with make mac for OSX or make linux for linux (only tested on ubuntu). Now you should be able to run it using ./gravitysim.
To customize simulation you can call it with different arguments.

./gravitysim number_of_galaxies objects_per_galaxy galaxy_size

For instance:
./gravitysim 10 1000 100 creates 10 galaxies with 1000 objects per galaxy and diameter 100 pixels.
./gravitysim 10000 1 1 creates 10000 galaxies with one object per galaxy and diameter 1 pixel.
You could also customize a lot of options using build_config.h file (such as G constant, sd treshold, max speed or max mass), but it requires rebuilding whole project. Have fun.




The MIT License (MIT)