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AFK is my old PHP (anti)framework for building web applications. That is, it's
a bunch of libraries with small framework built into it.

I don't really its use for new projects. I myself now only use it for legacy
projects, though I am looking to improve it a little, and modernise it, if
only of the sake of maintainability.

It predates practically all of the current PHP frameworks quite a bit, and the
codebase goes back to the late '90s. It does contain some interesting nuggets.
I'm still unreasonably happy with the template system it has built in, which
had a form of template inheritence before that was even a thing.

As a baseline, AFK must stay compatible with PHP 5.2, as the oldest critical
system I know of that it runs on runs that. This is one of the reaons[1] that
it doesn't use namespaces. However, some of the libraries it uses for
development, notably PHPUnit, so there's that.

I may update some parts of the code to be formatted according to PSR-1 and
PSR-2, albeit without changing method and variable names to camel case. I
won't be identing case statements though. That's just silly.

[1] Aside from PHP namespaces being an ugly syntactic botch.


My old PHP (anti)framework. Here for archival purposes only. Please don't use!



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