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This is the Pelican source for my blog. I can't see there being anything terribly interesting here except maybe to poke around some unpublished draft posts that might be checked in.

On a bare bones FreeBSD box, you will need to install a few prerequisites:

$ sudo pkg install rsync gmake py37-pip

Then you can install Pelican itself:

$ pip3 install --user pelican Markdown typogrify html5lib

On MacOS, using pipx is preferable:

$ brew install pipx
$ pipx install pelican
$ pipx inject pelican Markdown typogrify html5lib

On Ubuntu and Debian:

$ sudo apt install rsync pelican
$ sudo apt install python3-markdown python3-typogrify python3-html5lib

You should also ensure that the pelican-plugins repo is checked out in the same directory as the repo:

$ git clone --recursive

The makefile should be portable, so it'll work with both GNU make and BSD make.