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dbkit notes and to-do list
Missing functionality
- Support for executemany, nextset.
- Is there any sense in supporting Two-Phase Commit?
Missing documentation
- Documentation needs to have a 'rationale' section explaining why
somebody would ever consider using the library, not just its features.
- The current tutorial make the library seem more 'magical' than it
actually is. Need to work on that.
- Need to explain how to use connection pools.
- Need to explain the :py:func:`dbkit.context` function and how to use the
`logger` and `default_factory` attributes on a context.
- Need to explain the limitations in how transaction management is
- Need developer documentation detailing how pools and mediators work.
- Need developer documentation detailing how to write your own result
Connection pooling ideas
Any connections that are idle in the deque for more than a certain period
of time will be closed. To do this right will likely require a daemon
thread to occasionally poke the various pools, but for now a reap method
will do.
1.0.0 plans
- Separate the connection hardening code out from the pool. The idea is to
add an extra module called 'dbkit.hardened' to provide hardened
connections in much the same manner as the SteadyDB_ module of DBUtils_,
providing a DB-API-style wrapper around connections and cursors.
Naturally this connection hardening will be usable independently of the
rest of dbkit, but will tie into its mediator system for pooling.
- Abstract away `paramstyles`. Instead, we'll have a translation layer
that will allow for use of a consistent style. While we're at it, we'd
might as well add transparent support for ``IN (:list)`` too.
- More optimistic connection pinging and garbage collection.
.. _SteadyDB:
.. _DBUtils:
.. vim:set textwidth=74 et lbr ft=rst:
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