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A user-friendly wrapper around dnspython
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Here's the kind of thing I'm planning to aim for:

import dnskit

name ='')
registry_nss = name.parent.query(rdtype='NS')
print(name.query(rdtype='NS', nameservers=registry_nss))

That bit of code would query the registry's nameservers for the nameservers associated with a given domain. Straightforward, no fuss.

Initially, it'll be a wrapper around dnspython, but if I'm feeling sufficiently insane, I'll replace the low-level infrastructure with something dnskit specific.


I'm only aiming for this to be Python 3 compatible. As dnspython supports Python 3.3+, that's my baseline. I may support Python 2.7 if I have a pressing personal necessity to support it, but as of now, it's not a priority.

Packaging is done with flit because I want to make my life easy, and wheels are better in almost every way.

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