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docserver - a documentation server in the vein of PyPI

Author: Keith Gaughan

docserver is a lightweight, user-friendly documentation server.


To install from PyPI:

$ pip install docserver

You can use docserver straight out of the box by running the module:

$ python -m docserver

And to show the help:

$ python -m docserver --help

The WSGI app itself is exposed as docserver.DocServer. If you want to use a bundle store path or frontpage template other than the default, you can set the environment variables DOCSERVER_STORE and DOCSERVER_TEMPLATE respectively.


If you want to use a skin other than the default skin, you can use he default skin as the basis for a new one. To print out the default skin:

python -m docserver --print-template

The template engine used is pystache.


Use the following to run the test suite:

$ python test

If you're considering contributing back, make sure you run the testsuite against all the supported versions of Python. You can use tox to do this:

$ tox

Or with detox:

$ detox

To install additional versions of Python for testing, I recommend pyenv.

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