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The code under here is meant to allow me to migrate to what I hope is a more permanent setup for all my online stuff. Fundamentally, the project is to deprecate as a website.

The project will be a partial port of my old PHP code over to a WSGI app of some sort written in Python. Additionally, I'll be replacing the database with SQLite, though I'm slightly worried about data corruption issues there.

The pages functionality is due to be replaced with a set of permanent redirects to my blog. The linklog is probably going to be moved to, with permanent redirects forwarding there for linklog entries, and posts redirecting to the weblog.

The output cache functionality will be replaced with Redis.



make develop

Development server


make run

The username and password specified in dev/dev.htpasswd are username and password respectively.


The komorebi module containst a file. This means that the module is executable. This default runner uses wsgiref. Use the --help flag for a list of options. Under the supevision directory is komorebi.ini, a config file for Supervisor showing how to run the site.

Regenerating subresource integrity hashes


openssl dgst -sha384 -binary < FILENAME.js | openssl base64 -A

SRI is less trouble than dealing with CSP. I should add something to generate a manifest of this stuff to avoid manual updates.


  • Get Flask-Caching into the FreeBSD ports tree so I can use it. This is needed because the mechanism used to generate the archive page is a bit crazy.
  • Some kind of simple admin backend to allow editing and posting of new entries. Or if I were feeling particularly inspired, I could implement Micropub...
  • Remove hardwired stuff, such as the blog name, author, copyright notice, feed ID prefix, &c.