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NOTE from @kgaut :

This is a quick and dirty port for d8, this readme file is not accurate. @see :

How to make it works ?

  • download this module in modules folder (if you use composer : composer require kgaut/potx)
  • enable it : drush en potx
  • extract translation with drush : drush @ALIAS potx single --include=modules/contrib/potx/ --modules=MYMODULE_MACHINE_NAME --api=8

Thanks to @rodrigoaguilera you can now export tranlated string from the database : drush @ALIAS potx single --modules=MYMODULE_MACHINE_NAME --api=8 --language=es


The goal of the Translation Template Extractor project is to provide command line and web based Gettext translation template extractor functionality for Drupal. These translation templates are used by teams to translate Drupal to their language of choice. There are basically two ways to use the contents of this project:

  • Copy and potx-cli.php to the directory you would like to generate translation templates for and run php potx-cli.php. The translation templates will get generated in the current directory.

  • Install the module on a Drupal site as you would with any other module. Once potx module is turned on, you can go to the "Extract" tab on the "Translate interface" administration interface, select the module or modules or theme or themes you want to have a translation template for, and submit the form. You will get one single template file generated.

    Note: If you only get a white browser screen as response to the extraction request, the memory limit for PHP on the server is probably too low, try to set that higher.

The module also includes optional Coder ( integration, allowing you to spot translatability errors in modules while doing your regular code review.


Translation templates can easily be created by running the potx-cli.php script on all source files that contain translatable strings.

  1. Copy the potx-cli.php and to whatever folder you would like to generate template files in.
  2. Run 'php potx-cli.php' and the script will autodiscover all possible files to generate templates for.
  3. Translation templates are generated in this folder, if you have the proper rights to create files here.

You can try 'php potx-cli.php --help' to get a list of more options.

The contents of files depend on the mode you use. By default, one single general.pot file will be generated. You can use the "core" mode to generate Drupal core templates (one file per directory, repeated usage of the same string in multiple directories folded into general.pot, .info files folded into general.pot). Or you can use the "multiple" mode which is similar to the "core" mode, but .info files are folded into their module template files.

In case of "core" and "multiple" mode, the generated general.pot will contain strings that occur more than once in the source files. This will help translators to maintain a single translation for them.


Command line extractor functionality orignally by Jacobo Tarrio <jtarrio [at]> (2003, 2004 Alfa21 Outsourcing)

Greatly optimized by Brandon Bergren (2007)

Currently maintained by Gabor Hojtsy <gabor [at]>


Translation template extractor port for Drupal 8






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