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SAD Generator (v0.0.1)

The SAD Generator, a Semantic Academic-event Dissemination Generator, uses Semantic Web technologies to generate a knowledge graph and website for academic events. This knowledge graph provides the data for generating the website. Furthermore, the knowledge graph can be made available via, e.g, a SPARQL endpoint or a Triple Pattern Fragments server.



  • Build the knowledge graph as described here.
  • Generate the website as described here.

Using docker:

docker-compose up -d

Changes can be made locally at kg and website folders

In the wild

The following knowledge graphs and websites are generated using the SAD Generator.


MIT License

Demo paper at ESWC2019

Heyvaert, P., Chaves-Fraga, D., Priyatna, F., Dimou, A., & Sequeda, J. (2019, June). SAD Generator: eating our own dog food to generate KGs and websites for academic events. In European Semantic Web Conference. Springer, Cham. PDF

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