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This is the library to attach OAuth and OpenID interface to your applications.

Copyright (C) 2009 OGAKI, Kazutaka <>

This program is copyrighted free software by OGAKI, Kazutaka. You can
redistribute it and/or modify it under the General Public License version 2
with some additional conditions (see the file COPYING).

Application Architecture

*Major subjects

- provider (original contents' service provider)
- user(End user: watching on browser screen)
- consumer (Contents Aggregator)

Every communication are done via HTTP, and defined in OAuth/OpenID specs.
HTTP request/responces are converted and arrived to Erlang ports. 
This library would cover part of port functions.


user				consumer			provider
|<-------------------401 : authorization required -----------------|
|------------------------------------------- id, password -------->|
|<-------------------OK : set session key -------------------------|
|<-------------------200: authorization OK: contents---------------|


**initial case

user				consumer			provider
|------- Request(URL) ----------->|
                                  |--- request(URL(content_id))--->|
                                  |<-- 401: Auth requierd(token)---|
|<-- 401: Auth requierd(token)----|
calculate hash(token)via session key and Nonce
                                  |<-- 200: OK : contents   -------|
|<-- 200: OK : contents   --------|

**Persistent proxying(delegation)

In this case,
-Nonce includes timout.
-session key can be abandoned at any time
-URL has range (for various request.. not including upper level reference)

**Session key abandon (re-calculate)
This can be done re-play initial Authentication with null_session_key.
privider shall hold session_key as valid while correct id:password pair is given.