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============================================================================================ Take a look at Chhobi2 which (I think) is an interesting take on the photo organizer genre

I am no longer developing Chhobi ================================


Chhobi is a photo organizer program. It does not have facilites to do any editing of the image data itself (so no red-eye removal, contrast enhancement etc. etc.). It simply allows you to change captions and keywords on photos. The captions and keywords are stored in the EXIV metadata, so they are in a standard format, stored in the image file so they travel with the image (when you copy/move/backup them) and can be read by other programs, including some folder managers (e.g. Finder on Mac) and not locked up in some complex, properitary format that will vanish in a decade or so.

My main aim in designing and writing Chhobi was to keep the interface (and code) as simple and uncluttered as possible, and do one thing only, which is to browse and organize large libraries of pictures.


The main browsing interface is the Ribbon, which represents each picture as a small tile. The tiles are arranged in order from latest to oldest. Hovering the mouse over the tile causes a preview and the photo metadata to appear.

Clicking on the tile will "lock" the preview and allow you to move your mouse without changing the preview. The caption, date and keywords can be edited. You can use the left and right mouse buttons to step through the pictures. Pressing h will cause the photo to be added to the holding table. You can click and drag the mouse to select multiple photos.

Click on the tabs to switch between the show and hold tables. Clicking resize will cause the held photos to be resized and copied into a temporary folder. When the progress bar completes and the mail icon becomes enabled you can drag and drop the mail icon:

  1. Into an email program
  2. Into a browse for file field of a webpage
  3. Into Picasa's add photos field

to add the resized photos.You can also open the folder enclosing the resized photos by clicking on the folder button. Note that the original folder structure of the images is maintained, so all the photos are not copied into a single folder.

License (GPL)

Chhobi is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

Chhobi is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with Chhobi; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA`

Some design choices

Most design choices have been made that make the user experience less "slick" but make the code more straightforward and less complicated and thus less prone to bugs (hopefully).


When we change photos (change the caption/keywords/date) they are not immediately propagated (mirrored) to the database. Instead, on the next crawl they are detected as changed photos and reimported into the database. This means that changes are visible immediately (since the metadata is loaded directly from the photo) but any searches/ordering will reflect the old data until a "crawl" is completed.

This simplifies the code, speeds up the operations and is of minimal annoyance in day to day use.


  • No longer stored in an association table, kept in a simple text field
  • When keywords are deleted or an image is purged the keyword list is not updated. This leads to "empty" keywords i.e. keywords which will not fetch any results.


For mac: macdeployqt-4.6 Chhobi.app -dmg

Code layout

main.cpp -

Just a boilerplate file that instantiates the UI and calls the main loop

mainwindow.cpp -

Instantiates the UI (mainwindow.ui)

Coding notes

Tracking file system changes

The most common reason for changes in the pictures are that we edit the metadata and save the changes to pictures anywhere in the directory tree. These changes need to be reimported into the database and making these changes causes the parent directory (and only the parent directory) last modified time to be changed.

The next common reason for changes is that new pictures have been downloaded from the camera and have been placed in a new folder at some distance under the root. This causes the modified time of the folder/pictures and parent folder to change.

The least common reason for changes is that an old folder (or picture) is copied over into the directory tree. This causes the parent folder last modified time to change but the modified time of the folder and its files can be old (as old as original creation date)

Our job is to go through the directory tree and

  1. Import new photos
  2. Reimport changed ones
  3. Remove photos from the database that no longer exist on disk
  4. Do it as quickly as possible

We do this as follows:

  • The importing function is a recursive function that starts at the photo_root and works its way down the tree.

  • At each directory it pulls up the current directory entry from the database. If the directory is not in the database then all child files are imported.

  • If the directory has been imported, if the last modified date is later than the last descent date the list of files under this directory are pulled up from the database. Each file on disk is checked against the database contents. If the file exists and its last modified date is after the last descent date it is reimported. If the file does not exist, it is imported. If there is a file in the database and not on disk, it is purged.

  • If a directory is unmodified none of the enclosed files are read.

  • Finally, all the child directories are listed and sequentially recursed into.

  • After we are done, we find out the zombie directories (present in db, absent on disk) and remove them as well as their enclosed files.

The last descent time is set as the start of the descent. This is because the descent takes time and by the time it has finished we might have made changes to some of the photos.

As we descend into the file system we ocassionaly send out signals informing the main program of what we are up to so it knows we haven't gone narcoleptic or some such.

Database features just to improve importing performance:

  1. Directories are stored in a separate table
  2. Photo entries in the photos table have a dir_id field which indicates the id of the enclosing directory. This allows us to pull up all the photos under a given directory.
  3. We load all the directories into a variable at the start (into a QSet) alongwith their ids so we don't need to repeatedly query the db for each directory - and we will recurse every directory
  4. We query the db to find what files are under current dir. We won't have to do this very often - only when our directory is modified.

Class inheritance

class RibbonTile : public QObject, public QGraphicsRectItem - we have to use the qualifier public before each parent class name, otherwise all members of the parent class become private (i.e. inaccessible from the inheriting class)

Lens information Exiv2

To print the lens information using the helper functions from easyaccess.hpp do: if(Exiv2::lensName(exifData) != exifData.end()) pmd.lens_model = Exiv2::lensName(exifData)->print(&exifData).c_str(); If print is not passed the whole exifdata, then it just prints the id code, which is just a number. We need the exifData.end() test because this function can return us a not found which is the same as end

QFileDialog glitches

QFileDialog::getExistingDirectory : If we use the native file dialog we run into strange glitches - should mention this on the Qt mailing list


QSettings when loading a QDateTime entry that does not exists returns an invalid QDateTime, as expected

QDateTime comparisons

A valid QDateTime >= an invalid QDateTime

How to get file creation time on Mac OS X (64 bit)

  • QFileInfo.created() on POSIX systems (like Mac OS X) returns the last modified time 1.
  • This is annoying because on Mac OS X you know the system (e.g. finder) has access to the actual creation time.
  • Turns out that BSD systems (like Mac OS X) have an extension to sys/stat.h that contains the file creation time 2.

The recipe, then is (shown using the QT framework)

#include <QtCore>
#include <sys/stat.h>

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    QString fname("/Users/kghose/Sandbox/ChhobiTest/2005/2005_07_10/MVI_0693.AVI");
    QDateTime thedatetime;
    struct stat64 the_time;
    stat64(fname.toStdString().c_str(), &the_time);
    qDebug() << thedatetime;

For QGraphicsItem setPen and setBrush trigger a paint event

This was fun to figure out. I used to check for the state of the RibbonTile in the paint event and use setPen to set the outline based on if the image was under preview, or selected. Then I noticed that when I just had Chhobi open it would be consuming 70% CPU just stitting there. I narrowed it down to a visible QGraphicsView. Then, by using print statements I found that the paint event was being called at regular intervals. I let that percolate in my mind for a bit and then it came to me: I commented out all the setPen lines in paint for RibbonTile and the problem went away.


  1. For the set/unset preview I just update the pen using the slots I made
  2. For the selected/unselected I discovered QGraphicsItem::itemChange which allows me to set the pen there.

++i OR i++?

From discussions on stack overflow we have:

  1. ++i does not expect to return a value while i++ might need to return a value
  2. A modern compiler, for simple data types (i.e. integer) will treat the two the same if the context is right e.g. in a for loop
  3. For an object (e.g. an interator), however, ++i will be faster than i++ because a compiler cannot optimize away the creation of a temporary object for i++


  1. [DONE] Photo import (not detecting new folders)
  2. [DONE] Directory filters to prevent loading of .meta files
  3. [DONE] Preview image portrait orientation proper size. -> Turned out to be interesting because the photo could need to be rotated AND the preview frame could be portrait or landscape sized.


  1. Change preview from QLabel to scrollview so we can zoom the image, have multiple images and have a border round the image
  2. Selecting multiple photos should display the photos arranged in a grid on the preview pane, and we should be able to modify captions and keywords for the collection together (give them common keywords - like old Chhobi).
  3. Hint for keywords
  4. Phonon to view videos
  5. Clicking on preview should open it in external application
  6. When we unfilter if we have a tile selected we should scroll to that tile
  7. Put a nice border round the preview (need to subclass something)
  8. Make the caption/keywords/EXIV data come up in a hideable widget to increase the displayed image
  9. [DONE] - now wrap, just stop When we step to the end or begining of the list we should wrap around
  10. [DONE] When we delete an item we should rearrange holding table items.
  11. [DONE] Implement searching by caption
  12. [DONE] Implement sub-selection by keywords
  13. [DONE] Temporary directory should be unique to current run of resizing
  14. [DONE] Refactor database.h/.cpp to not use classes, but just functions
  15. [DONE] Improve directory crawling
  16. [DONE] Put directory crawling in separate thread so that Chhobi is functional during crawl
  17. [DONE] Put absolute filename in status bar
  18. [DONE] Last modified for directories working correctly i.e. are changed files retrawled?
  19. [DONE] SQL queries bind values
  20. [DONE] Holding table mailing + copy to separate directory + resize as needed
  21. [DONE] Step through pictures
  22. [DONE] Keyword adn caption storing in database
  23. [DONE] Change to a dense panel ("lighttable") like arrangement? Need to switch to click to select and double click to hold model
  24. [DONE] Refactor code to merge PhotoInfo and PhotoMetaData
  25. [DONE] Add separators every x photos with some kind of date identification to help us locate things faster.
  26. [DONE] Remove images from holding table