A simple oauth proxy
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OAuthProxy Manual

0. Compliant Clients

Client Platform Status Auth Type Consumer Key Consumer Secret Comment
chromed_bird Chrome OK (tested) OAuth KkrTiBu0hEMJ9dqS3YCxw MsuvABdvwSn2ezvdQzN4uiRR44JK8jESTIJ1hrhe0U
echofon for firefox Firefox OK (tested) OAuth with xauth yqoymTNrS9ZDGsBnlFhIuw OMai1whT3sT3XMskI7DZ7xiju5i5rAYJnxSEHaKYvEs
Tweetie iPhone Not Support* Basic
TwitBird iPhone Not Support* Basic
twhirl Adobe Air Not Support* Basic
Gravity Symbian Not Support* Basic
twicca Android OK (modified client)** OAuth 7S2l5rQTuFCj4YJpF7xuTQ L9VHCXMKBPb2eWjvRvQTOEmOyGlH4W50getaQJPya4
Pure messenger widget Android OK (modified client)** OAuth xCgJn9R7CI1zKcj4jdAAnw i3vrK5fhacyWwmNrSOTzHCmVCnA0BUVCsHdvgAtsess

*: Basic auth is disabled by Twitter

**: It is illigal to redistribute the modified client, so ...

1. How to Use an Existing OAuthProxy

1.1. Requirement

  1. A client support OAuth and can change api url. (chromed_bird, also...)
  2. A OAuthProxy server support the client you use. (you can setup your own on GAE, see next section)

1.2. Setup Client

Assume you will use OAuthProxy at https://your-proxy.example.com/

First change client api url to https://your-proxy.example.com/1/, and oauth url to https://your-proxy.example.com/oauth/. Then open your client, usually it will take three steps to complete oauth progress.

Step.1 Request OAuth Token

This step will be done automatically once start login progress, and won't promote anything. At end of this step, the client should provide a authorize url or open a browser page like https://your-proxy.example.com/oauth/authentication?token=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, it is used by 2nd step.

Step.2 Authorize the Server

NOTE: This is the only step need direct access to the actual host of the proxy, and secure connection(https) is strongly recommended.

Now open the url taken from 1st step, it will redirect to actual host of the proxy, login your account and grant the access. The site should return a pin code used by last step.

Step.3 Get Access Token

Enter the pin code taken from previous step in client, enjoy yourself if nothing wrong happened. If something wrong happened after entered the pin code, please restart from 1st step, the pin code can't be used once more

2. How to Setup OAuthProxy on GAE Server

2.1. Requirement

  1. The consumer secret of clients the proxy support. If the secret is unknown, the proxy CAN'T proxy requests from this kind of client. You can find it easily if it is open source client, or do reverse engineering.
  2. An Google App Engine account.
  3. JDK 1.5+. Please download form java.sun.com. (I'm using openjdk 1.6 and don't known if 1.5 works, but it should work)
  4. maven2 (recommend), ant or eclipse.

2.2. Preparation

First download code from github.
git clone git://github.com/kghost/OAuthProxy.git
Change application id

Open war/WEB-INF/appengine-web.xml, find


change to your application id, it is application id, not google account name.

2.3. Compile and Deploy to GAE Server

You have 3 choices, use Maven, Ant, or Eclipse.

2.3.1. Setup a GAE Server using Maven

Enter OAuthProxy directory, run

mvn gae:deploy

then maven will do the whole work.

If it is the first time use maven gae, you should run

mvn gae:unpack

to downlaod google appengine sdk to maven repository.

2.3.2. Setup a GAE Server using Ant

Download Google App Engine SDK for Java from here, unpack to somewhere.

Edit build.xml, change the location of sdk.dir to where you unpack the sdk:

<property name="sdk.dir" location="../appengine-java-sdk" />

Enter OAuthProxy directory, run

ant compile
ant update_indexes
ant update

then Ant will compile the source code and deploy OAuthProxy to GAE.

It is not done, you must configure it before use, see next

2.3.3. Setup a GAE Server using Eclipse

Please follow google official instruction.

It is not done, you must configure it before use, see next

2.4. Configure OAuthProxy

Open https://your-application-id.appspot.com/config, add client consumer token/secret here, you can add multiple clients. (past consumer token/secret, click "+" to the left)

Contact me on twitter if have questions @zealot0630