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yif - Yaml Issues File

A YAML format for a list of issues. Encode project issues in a yaml file in the root of a project. Edit the issues in a text editor or specialized editor.

Each 'issues.yml' file consists of a list of Issue, where issue is:

- !issue
id: <integer id of issue>
title: <text title of issue>
complete: <true or false>
priority: <integer, bigger is higher priority>
tags: <list of strings>
created: <date or null>
due: <date or null>
notes: <list of strings>

An example:

- !issue
id: 219
title: Learn more YAML 2nd
complete: true
priority: 10
tags: [learning, iiy]
created: 2012-01-17T13:01:33.355Z
due: null
notes: [Important to understand YAML notation, Note 2, Here is
my latest thoughts on the subject.]
- !issue
id: 854
title: Write eclipse editor for issues.yaml
complete: true
priority: 10
tags: [dev tools, iiy]
created: 2012-01-17T13:01:33.355Z
due: 2012-02-06T13:01:33.355Z
- write model
- write editor
- |
Note that the 'part' property still has a global tag but the
'wheel' property does not (because the wheel's runtime class

Current editors available:

  • Eclipse
  • Python (shell)

Shell command syntax

$ ./yif --help
Usage: yif [(list) | new | close <id> | reopen <id> | note <id>]

Yaml Issue File (yif) handler

  --version             show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -f FILE, --file=FILE  path to yif file
  -a, --all             show all rather than filtering completed issues