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Important, please read!

This project has been sunset. No further updates will be coming. Thank you to all of the contributors over the years. We had a good run. Please consider using Nested Content for similar needs.

This project will work with all versions of Umbraco 7. It will not (that we know of), work with V8+.


Install the selected release through the Umbraco package installer or via NuGet.

Official Docs

Get up and running in 15 minutes!

News and Updates

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Core Team

Sponsor us\Donate!


This project is funded by the core team members' time only. We don't charge for Archetype but it does take quite a bit of effort to keep it up-to-date with Umbraco core changes. If you're making a few bucks off of Archetype, we wouldn't refuse a donation :)

Learn more about sponsorship!

Information Collection Disclosure

Please read the information disclosure here.


Want to contribute to Archetype? You'll want to use Grunt (our task runner) to help you integrate with a local copy of Umbraco.

Install Dependencies

Requires Node.js to be installed and in your system path

npm install -g grunt-cli && npm install -g grunt
npm install



Builds the project to /dist/. These files can be dropped into an Umbraco 7 site, or you can build directly to a site using:

grunt --target="D:\inetpub\mysite"

You can also watch for changes using:

grunt watch
grunt watch --target="D:\inetpub\mysite"

Add --touch to either command to automatically touch the web.config on a deploy