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##Manual## Get to the manual here.

##V1 Breaking Changes## If you're upgrading from the 0.x.x versions, you'll want to review the huge list of breaking changes:

##Overview## Grease is the stuff that's too dirty for the Umbraco core, but adds functionality that lots of ordinary websites can use. By dirty we don't mean (low-quality), we just mean it's a collection of specific one-off type plugins, helpers and extensions.

For example, Grease currently offers the following functionality:

  • Tab Hider - Place this on a document type tab and it'll hide the entire tab. Useful for document types designed to be data nodes only (no templates) that don't need the Properties tab.
  • Helpers
    • NodeHelper, great for multi-site installs like white label sites. Reference your key nodes like NodeHelper.Instance.CurrentSite.Home instead of Model.Content.AncestorOrSelf(2). Cached for speed.
    • RedirectHelper, great for redirecting pages and executes just before a 404 would be issued otherwise. Add redirects by adding a simple piece of content to the content tree.
    • FormHelper, great for sending emails.
    • TransformationHelper, render a partial as a string. Great for altering how the RTE would normally render things like image markup.
    • WebHelper - Easily GET a URL and return the resource as a string.
    • IpHelper - Easily get the IP address of the visitor.
    • DbHelper - Easily get a reference to the Umbraco DB conntection.
  • AppSettings - Store key/value pairs cached (sort of like Redis).
  • 404 Tracker - A dashboard of URL's that have 404'd (supports multisite).
  • Search Tracker - A dashboard of keyword usage from internal searches (supports multisite).
  • Email 500 errors - Debounced at an internval of 15 minutes, admins can get notified when something bad happens.
  • String, Int and IPublishedContent Extensions such as (just examples):
    • ToHumanReadableBytes(this int len) - Outputs 1.25MB
    • TruncateAtWord(this string text, int maxCharacters, string trailingStringIfTextCut = "…") - Outputs words at a specified character limit but won't split a word in half, adds an ellipsis or custom character at the end. For teasers and search results.
    • ToOrdinal(this int input) - Outputs 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc
    • ToAzureBlobUrl() - Outputs Azure based blob storage media with properly formatted URL's.

##Install Install with NuGet: Install-Package G42.UmbracoGrease


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