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Demo Video

Click the image below to see it in action.


Bookshelf will allow users to create, display and share learning resources quickly through the Umbraco backoffice.

Bookshelf works by reading markdown files from the UmbracoBookshelf folder of your website.


Install this Package

Use NuGet or Our Umbraco to download and install like you would any other Umbraco package.

Install a Book

Books are available on the Bookshelf dashboard or you can install any zipped markdown book.

Editing a Book

To edit a book, simply click Edit on an .md file page. If the book is hosted on GitHub, please consider sending revisions and additional content.

Creating a Book

Books are just .md files that live in the UmbracoBookshelf folder of your webroot. So to create a book, just create a sub-folder next to your other books (like this one). By default when a user clicks the folder in the tree to the left, the file is loaded for the user.

Want to add images? Just add a folder with images and use relative links.

Links beginning with http auto open in a new tab.

Books should be written in Markdown and Bookshelf recognizes Github Flavored Markdown. Please use the following resources when learning Markdown:

There is now an editor to help you create folders, files and markdown.

Please refrain from using HTML directly when possible. Some things like embedding videos are unavoidable.

Consider Contributing Your Time

If you like Bookshelf, please consider helping by adding features or creating books for others to use.


MIT licensed, use it and abuse it.


Umbraco Bookshelf is maintained by Kevin Giszewski.


If you find Bookshelf useful and would like to see it continue to be supported, please donate :)



To uninstall, you will need to make sure you remove these files either manually or via Nuget uninstall-package umbracobookshelf

~/App_Plugins/UmbracoBookshelf ~/bin/UmbracoBookshelf.dll

And edit these files:


Remove this element:
  <section alias="UmbracoBookshelfSection">
    <tab caption="Library">


Remove this element:

  <IndexSet SetName="BookshelfIndexSet" IndexPath="~/App_Data/TEMP/ExamineIndexes/Bookshelf">
      <add Name="id" />
      <add Name="book" />
      <add Name="path" />
      <add Name="title" />
      <add Name="text" />
      <add Name="url" />

Remove these two elements:

<add name="BookshelfIndexer" type="Examine.LuceneEngine.Providers.SimpleDataIndexer, Examine" dataService="UmbracoBookshelf.Examine.BookshelfExamineDataService,UmbracoBookshelf" indexTypes="Bookshelf" />

<add name="BookshelfSearcher" type="Examine.LuceneEngine.Providers.LuceneSearcher, Examine" analyzer="Lucene.Net.Analysis.Standard.StandardAnalyzer, Lucene.Net" />

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