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Jane Austen’s novels

corporaexplorer can be used to explore not only chronological text collections with document date as main organising principle, but any collection of texts. The example used here are Jane Austen’s six novels, accessed through the janeaustenr package.

Loading packages
Loading the Jane Austen books from the janeaustenr package
books <- austen_books()
Pre-processing the text (a bit quick and dirty)
# Regular expression to identify where new chapters begin
chapter_regex <- "((Chapter|CHAPTER) (\\d+|[IXVL])+)"

# Pre-processing
books <- books %>%
    dplyr::group_by(book) %>%
    # Each book into one long string:
    dplyr::summarise(Text = paste(text, collapse = " ")) %>%
    # Insert placeholder at beginning of each chapter
    mutate(Text = str_replace_all(Text, chapter_regex, "NEW_CHAPTER\\1")) %>%
    # Replace double space with two newlines (to restore structure of the text):
    mutate(Text = stringr::str_replace_all(Text, "  ", "\n\n")) %>%
    # Split each book into a character vector (one element is one chapter):
    mutate(Text = stringi::stri_split_regex(Text, "NEW_CHAPTER"))

# The result is a data frame with one row for each book.
    # The "Text" column is a list of character vectors
    # The "book" column is the name of the book

# From one row per book to one row per chapter
books <- tidyr::unnest(books, Text)
Creating corporaexplorerobject of the Jane Austen books
# As this is a corpus which is not organised by date,
  # we set `date_based_corpus` to `FALSE`.
# Because we want to organise our exploration around Jane Austen's books,
  # we pass `"book"` to the `grouping_variable` argument.
jane_austen <- prepare_data(dataset = books,
                    date_based_corpus = FALSE,
                    grouping_variable = "book")
Run corpus explorer

Example: “death” in Jane Austen’s books:

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