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kilo tracks for Speed Dreams

This is the place for my track creations for Speed Dreams (, a motorsport simulator with high-quality 3D graphics and an accurate physics engine. Note these tracks may work in TORCS, too, but that was not tested.

All the tracks are in separate branches - there is no 'master' or 'dev' branch here. If a track reaches a 'release' state, I'll put up a notice about it. So the master branch should only contain a README and notices about releases.
Some of my tracks are now included in the main Speed Dreams repository on For these tracks I recommend to download them from the Speed Dreams pages, as they certainly contain many improvements by other SD team members.
How to use these tracks? Refer to Speed Dreams' wiki pages to install them properly.


I'd love if you contributed to these tracks, but please contact me before starting work on any of them.


  • avus - the 8.3km long version of the infamous AVUS track near Berlin (Germany)
  • barbiere - Barber Motorsport Park (US)
  • el_volcan - Potrero de los Funes, San Luis (Argentina)
  • hididdle - a slot-car track
  • honshu - a track based on the kart track near Suzuka (Japan)
  • kart1 - Buckmore Park kart track (UK)
  • karwada-e - short, East circuit of Suzuka (Japan)
  • knock - Knockhill (Scotland)
  • longday - Le Mans 24h track (France)
  • longpond - a track based on Pocono Raceway (US)
  • nepliget - Budapest Nepliget GP, 1936 (Hungary)
  • palanga - Omnitel 1000km racetrack (Lithuania), temporary track in a motorway junction
  • pescara - Coppa Acerbo near Pescara (Italy)
  • peters - St. Petersburg, FL (US)
  • pir - Portland Internation Raceway (US)
  • sample55 - another slot-car track
  • slot_wa1 - a short, simple design (fantasy)
  • speed - a tricky one from my son (fantasy)
  • torp - Tor Poznan (Poland)
  • ungaro - Hungaroring (Hungary)
  • valle - ACI Vallelunga near Rome (Italy)

Only plans yet

  • charade - a classic one, aka Clermont-Ferrand (France)
  • coppice - Cadwell Park (UK)
  • day500 - Daytona 500 (US)

Released here

(none yet)

Released in Speed Dreams