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@@ -34,6 +34,13 @@ Note. Do not use the following methods to style viewControllers. They are intend
- (void)iconView:(BCCollectionView *)iconView didSelectItem:(id)anItem withViewController:(NSViewController *)viewController;
- (void)iconView:(BCCollectionView *)iconView didDeselectItem:(id)anItem withViewController:(NSViewController *)viewController;
+# Groups
+The latest addition to BCCollectionView has to with groups. Just like IKImageBrowserView, we can now divide the items into groups. A group is simply a range with a title, and the delegate can supply a custom NSViewController to represent the header.
+Groups can be set using the default way to load the BCCollectionView:
+ - (void)reloadDataWithItems:(NSArray *)newContent groups:(NSArray *)newGroups emptyCaches:(BOOL)shouldEmptyCaches;
# License
BCCollectionView is licensed under the BSD license

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