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23 Jun 2011; EyeTunes-1.5; David Keegan <>
* Added support for iTunes 10.
* Updated for OSX 10.6, Xcode 4 and AppStore compliance!
* Switched to the LLVM compiler.
* Added isSmart to test if a playlist is smart.
* Added containsTrack to test if a track belongs to a playlist.
* Added isEqualToTrack to compare tracks.
* Added launch and isRunning to launch iTunes and check if it's running,
updated by clee who also added a quit method!
* Added addPlaylistWithName to add new playlists, thanks k7d!
* Added deleteTrack to delete tracks from iTunes, thanks k7d!
03 Aug 08; Alastair Tse <>
* Workaround changed track descriptor returned from iTunes 7.7.1.
Thanks to Simon Haertel for the patch.
06 Jul 07; EyeTunes-1.3.3; Alastair Tse <>
* Fix persistentID support AGAIN for iTunes 7.3 as they reverted their
previous changes. Patch thanks to Andy Kim of Potion Factory.
18 Jun 07; EyeTunes-1.3.2; Alastair Tse <>
* Set extra headers as "Public" instead of "Project" in XCode
so they get exported to the Eyetunes.framework when it builds.
03 Jun 2007; EyeTunes-1.3.1; Alastair Tse <>
* Removed accidentally left behind debugging string.
01 Jun 2007; EyeTunes-1.3; Alastair Tse <>
* Changed version to versionString and versionNumber (BACKWARDS INCOMPAT)
so that version comparisons are much more simple.
* Fixed header include circular deps that caused many warnings when
compiling. EyeTunes.h moved to ETEyeTunes.h, and thus EyeTunes.h
is now just an umbrella header file to include all the EyeTunes
31 May 2007; EyeTunes-1.2; Alastair Tse <>
* Added version detection and parsing for iTunes (typeVersion).
* Updated the EyeTunesDebug application to demonstrate simply querying.
* Fixed persistentId support for iTunes 7.2 in a backwards compatible way.
* Added persistentIdAsString, trackWithPersistentIdString: and
* Added version querying method in [EyeTunes version]
* Removed certain circular includes (thanks to Adny Kim)
* Updated Copyright notices.
06 Dec 2006; EyeTunes-1.1; Alastair Tse <>
* Player position and player state support thanks to Scott Kelper.