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EyeTunes framework

EyeTunes.framework is a Cocoa Framework that abstracts away all the ugly Carbon Apple Events magic and allows you to directly control iTunes from any Cocoa Application.

This is a fork of the original EyeTunes project with support for iTunes 10 and other updates.


  • AppStore compliant.
  • Get all references to iTunes playlists, tracks and album art.
  • Add playlists, update playlists and delete tracks.
  • Set any writable fields that iTunes exposes such as Track name, artwork and much more.
  • Control iTunes and select playlists and tracks by using either track filenames or database ids.
  • Search the iTunes library just like the search box does.
  • Extract persistent ID and fetch tracks using such ids.
  • Launch and quit iTunes.


To grab an NSImage from the current playing track (say you're implementing some new album art viewier), you can use this simple snippet:

#import <EyeTunes/EyeTunes.h>

- (NSImage *)getArtworkOfPlayingSong{
    EyeTunes *eyetunes = [EyeTunes sharedInstance];
    ETTrack *currentTrack = [eyetunes currentTrack];
        NSArray *artwork = [currentTrack artwork];
        if([artwork count]){
            return [artwork objectAtIndex:0];
    return nil;