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I've been developing this noise drawing code for quite some time. It all started with drawing noise in the title bar of [INAppStoreWindow]( The original implementation of the noise drawing for the titlebar used `CIFilter`, but this took up an unusual amount of memory and also didn't look so great. So I began my quest for the best noise drawing solution, this project contains the third version which I feel is finally ready for prime time on the Mac and iOS!
@@ -37,6 +37,14 @@ There is also a subclass of `NSView` or `UIView`, depending on your platform, th
Please note that the standard `backgroundColor` is used for `UIView`, but `backgroundColor` does not exist on `NSView` so it has been added to provide the exact same interface for both platforms.
+# KGNoiseLinearGradientView & KGNoiseRadialGradientView
+`KGNoiseLinearGradientView` and `KGNoiseRadialGradientView` inherit from `KGNoiseView` and draw a linear or radial gradient respectively. They provide one additional property to set the alternate background color to be used in the gradient.
+@property (strong, nonatomic) NSColor/UIColor *alternateBackgroundColor;
# KGNoiseExample
This project contains an example project that demonstrates how `KGNoiseView` could be used in a Mac or iOS app.
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