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Updated readme: info about the image categories

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@@ -32,6 +32,13 @@ KGNoise is distributed under the MIT license, see the license file for more info
- (NSColor/UIColor *)colorWithNoiseWithOpacity:(CGFloat)opacity andBlendMode:(CGBlendMode)blendMode;
+# UIImage/NSImage(KGNoise)
+- (UIImage/NSImage *)imageWithNoiseOpacity:(CGFloat)opacity;
+- (UIImage/NSImage *)imageWithNoiseOpacity:(CGFloat)opacity andBlendMode:(CGBlendMode)blendMode;
# KGNoiseView
There is also a subclass of `NSView` or `UIView`, depending on your platform, that you can use out of the box to draw noise on a solid color. The noise opacity, blending mode, and background color are all customizable.

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