A collection of mel scripts I wrote a while back.
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Maya style render globals for MTOR.


Creates bat files to render RIB sequences.


Aids in creating RIB boxes.


Show Affected Vertices

See exactly which vertices are affected by a joint .

Joint to Vertex

Creates a joint for every selected vertex.

Look At

Create a "look at control".

Indirect Parent

Indirectly parent bones so that the connecting joint is not created.

Set Driven Pose

Quickly and easily create set driven keys.

Attribute Delete

Makes selected attributes un-keyable and locked.

Joint Orient

Re-orientate joints.

Curve Decompiler

Output code to rebuild selected curves.

Button Maker

Creates a locator that rides on a face.

Parent Under Shape

Parent selected objects under one shape node.



Creates a cool clock display for Maya.

Shelf Button Maker

Quickly and easily create custom shelf buttons.

Google Search

Launch Google search from Maya.

Import All

Import all OBJs from a designated directory.

Scene Clean

Delete all groups that contain nothing.

Tear Off Shelf

Window containing all shelf tabs and buttons.

Attribute Window

Builds a window with sliders connected attributes.

Sound Manager

Manage sound files in the scene.

Reverse Selection

Reverses the selection order.

Kill Scene

Delete everything in the scene, but maintain all settings.


Auto Weld

Quickly merge vertices by selecting them.

Global Smooth

Change the all the smooth nodes in the scene.

Poly/Sub-D Switcher

Toggles between Sub-D and poly.

Poly Ring

Creates a ring of polygons.

Restore Shape

Transfer vertex positions between two objects.

Move Vertex

Align vertices.

Flip Shape

Flip blendshapes.

Blendshape Editor

Propagate changes to all blendshapes.

Move Each

Incremental move selected objects.


C3 -- Custom Character Control

Create custom character control interfaces.


Masquerade is a powerful facial animation tool.

Deform Key Frames

Allow user to convert key frame data to curves.

Time/Frame Converter

Convert time to frames and vise versa.


Random Texture Application

Randomly assign designated shaders to selected objects.

Reload Texture

Reloads texture files in the scene.

Cubic UV Map

Generates UVs in a cubic layout based on surface normals.


Mine Sweeper

Play the classic game of mine sweeper inside Maya.