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ShapecatcherKit is an Objective-C framework for that provides full support for the API to recognize unicode shapes from drawings and rate the results.

Please note the sample app does not include drawing code, it's purpose is only to demonstrate how to use the api.

Also ShapecatcherKitTestApiKey.h is referenced from the sample app but missing from the project because it contains my private api key, you will need to request your own :)

How to…

The sample application included with this project demonstrates how to fully use the API but here are some code snippets.

First set your api key on the sharedKit:

[[ShapecatcherKit sharedKit] setApiKey:@"<your private api key>"];

Then you can recognize NSImages asynchronously:

[[ShapecatcherKit sharedKit] recognizeFromImage:image withSuccess:^(NSArray *shapes){
    NSLog(@"%@", shapes);
} andFailure:nil];

The shapes array contains SKShape objects with all the data from the api. This object also allows you to asynchronously request an image of the shape and rate how well the shape matches the drawing:

[shape requestCharacterImageWithSuccess:^(NSImage *image){
    NSLog(@"%@", image);
} andFailure:nil];
[shape setRating:SKShapeGoodRating withSuccess:^(){
    NSLog(@"%@", image);
} andFailure:nil];

Shapes can be rated good(SKShapeGoodRating) bad(SKShapeBadRating) or the previous rating can be undone with undo(SKShapeUndoRating).

ShapecatcherKit is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

ShapecatcherKit is built on top of AFNetworking and JSONKit.