Python package for creating Sparkle updates.
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SparkleMotion is a python package for creating Sparkle updates.

To use it subclass SparkleMotion, set the required variables and overwrite any functions you want to format the various files and labels.

class ChopShopUpdate(SparkleMotion):
    urlRoot = ''
    appPath = '/mercurial/projects/ChopShop/build/Release/'
    privPemPath = '/mercurial/projects/ChopShop/Sparkle/dsa_priv.pem'
    stagingAreaPath = '/mercurial/projects/ChopShop/Sparkle/StagingArea'
    appCastFileName = 'AppCast.xml'
    def zipFileName(self):
        return '' % (self.appName(), self.shortVersionString().split()[0], self.version())
    def releaseNotesFileName(self):
        return '%s.%s.html' % (self.shortVersionString().split()[0], self.version())
    def updateTitle(self):
        return 'Version %s - Build %s' % (self.shortVersionString().split('(')[0], self.version())
    def defaultNote(self):
        return '''
	           <h1>Sweet new feature</h1>
	           <span>This new feature is going to rock!</span>