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2013-02-01 wooster v0.4.8

This is a bug fix release.

  • Fixes IOS-80 Use StoreKit to show product page when reviewing app
    • Your users on iOS 6 and above will no longer be bounced out of the app to rate your app.
    • To use this, you'll need to link against StoreKit and build with the iOS 6 SDK.
  • Fixes IOS-86 Always dismiss keyboard on feedback dialog going away
  • Fixes IOS-76 Update launch logic for iOS 4 API (better last use of app metrics for iOS 4+)
  • Fixes IOS-83 Distribution build script phase is buggy and runs even when not necessary
  • Fixes IOS-72 Find out more button doesn't work in iOS 6
  • Fixes IOS-28 Show success message on survey completion when configured
  • Fixes IOS-15 Privacy information on info screen
  • Fixes Issue #30 JSONKit warnings in Xcode 4.6
  • Fixes IOS-96 Text cut off in screenshot view in landscape
  • Fixes IOS-94 Right side of feedback UI doesn't work on iPhone app running on iPad (in landscape)
  • Fixes IOS-97 Sending file attachments is writing files to disk a lot
  • Fixes IOS-88 Send CP suffix on client version for cocoa pod versions

2012-09-27 wooster v0.4.7

Major change:

  • We're dropping armv6 support. This means no more iPhone 3G or iPod Touch 2 support. This is in line with what we're seeing from app developers and other vendors of 3rd party libraries. If you really need armv6 support, let us know.

Other changes:

  • Fixes IOS-71 Add callback after survey completion See the ATSurveys.h header for details.

  • Added showTagline property on ATConnect. This allows you to hide the "Powered by Apptentive" logo text.

  • Fixes IOS-78 Always send dates in english

    This bug was causing some dates to be sent localized to the server. Oops.

  • Fixes IOS-79 Allow dev to prompt user to re-rate after new version installed

    When the "Reset rating prompt counters when app version changes" settings is enabled, if a user has already rated the app, that will be reset when they upgrade the app. The upshot of this is, users will be prompted to rate the app again after upgrade. You may want to do this if you want users to re-rate the app on a version change, as the iOS App Store is heavily geared towards ratings and reviews for the current version. This change makes our behavior match what developers expect when checking that box on the Apptentive site.

  • URL Loading changes:

  • Fixes IOS-39 No option to cancel a photo/screenshot attachment?

    • To cancel a screenshot or photo attachment, just drag it away from the paperclip.

2012-09-11 wooster v0.4.6

One major change in the API:

  • The shouldTakeScreenshot property of ATConnect is now NO by default.

Some changes for iOS 6 compatibility:

  • Fixes for viewDidUnload deprecation (IOS-66 Fixes for deprecated API in iOS 6)
  • Retrieves review URL for app store from our server (IOS-64)
  • Fixes issue when taking a photo with the iPad camera.

So, due to iOS 6 changing the review URL for opening the App Store and submitting a review, we're now computing this on the server.

Other fixes:

  • IOS-60 Respect "cache-expiration" setting returned with configuration
  • #23 Modal window closes after feedback (Also logged as IOS-68 Modal Dialog Issue)
  • IOS-70 Getting surveys returns 404 on no surveys
  • IOS-67 Populate the feedback source field with "enjoyment_dialog" when launched from the ratings prompt
  • Changes to shouldTakeScreenshot property with existing images attached to feedback work more like one would expect.

Of these, the configuration expiration lets us be less aggressive in retrieving new configurations from the server on startup. #23 fixes a problem in which presenting the feedback dialog from within a modal view controller caused view hierarchy issues with the modal view controller. IOS-70 was, in cases where the app had no surveys, sometimes preventing configuration settings being retrieved from the server. IOS-67 lets us track which pieces of feedback were generated by people saying they don't like the app in the ratings flow.

2012-08-29 wooster v0.4.6

Changes for OS X compatibility:

  • Added backing ivars for properties.
  • Removed methods for displaying different feedback window types on OS X.

2012-08-29 wooster v0.4.5

Fixes in this version:

  • Fixes IOS-65, [[UIApplication sharedApplication] keyWindow] being nil after feedback window is dismissed.
  • Fixes leak of feedback and custom placeholder text by feedback controller.
  • Current feedback is cleared before feedback window is shown by ratings and after that window is dismissed.

2012-08-08 wooster v0.4.4

Major changes:

We switched from JSONKit to our PrefixedJSONKit library, which prefixes all the JSONKit symbols. In this case, our prefix is AT. So, we no longer conflict with JSONKit. If you were using JSONKit already and removed it in favor of ours, you'll want to add the original JSONKit back to your project rather than using the PrefixedJSONKit project.

Minor changes:

  • Fix for IOS-59, which tweaks how ATBackend stops and restarts the task queue.

2012-07-24 wooster v0.4.3

  • Fix for IOS-41, wherein the metrics were being sent incorrectly and metric for text responses was being sent after the metric for survey submission.

2012-07-23 wooster v0.4.2

  • Fix for #20, wherein the image picker on iPad would cause the app to crash.

2012-07-22 wooster v0.4.2

  • IOS-52: Requests sent before API key is set won't succeed until next app start

    Thanks to @kgn for finding this and proposing a fix. The fix we've chosen is a bit more involved. We are now making each of our various URL requests be handled by ATTask objects, which can tell the task queue whether or not they're able to be executed at the current time. For the case of API requests, that will be NO until such time as the API key is set.

2012-07-09 wooster v0.4.2

Minor changes:

2012-06-25 wooster v0.4.1

Major changes:

The surveys module has been integrated into ApptentiveConnect proper, as the survey features are now live for all users on the site. If you have previously added the Surveys module to your app, you will need to update the configuration by removing it from your app and including the ATSurveys.h header file.

Minor changes:

  • Consistent use of tabs for indents.
  • New icons with new Apptentive logo.

2012-06-01 wooster v0.4.0

Major changes:

The metrics module has been integrated into ApptentiveConnect proper. Now that you can enable and disable metrics from the website, it didn't make sense to keep them separate.

Bug fixes:

2012-03-26 wooster v0.3.3

Fixes problem wherein app wouldn't use the correct ratings configuration from the server.

2012-03-25 wooster

Major changes:

  • Start of version 0.3.
  • Ratings flow configuration is now done server-side. Old parameters in SDK no longer exist.
  • There are now server-side on/off switches for both ratings and metrics.
  • Added initial version of surveys.
  • Ratings parameter counters (days of use, significant events) can be reset on version upgrade.
  • Including armv6 (non-thumb) architecture in all libraries.
  • "Distribution" target in FeedbackDemo builds a static library distribution.
  • Application exit events wired up in Metrics module.
  • Adding initialName property to ATConnect for pre-populating the user's name.

The metrics module can be used by simply linking against the libApptentiveMetrics.a static library. That's it. You can turn metrics on or off server side in your app settings.


This is a very rough initial version of surveys. To use, link against libApptentiveSurveys.a.

Specific bug fixes and features:

  • IOS-3: App Exit events don't seem to be sent?
  • IOS-6: $ARCHS_STANDARD_32_BIT is now armv7 only, needs to be changed to armv6 and armv7
  • IOS-11: Surveys Module on iOS
  • IOS-21: Support for Server Side Ratings Settings
  • IOS-22: Option to clear ratings parameter values (days of use, events, etc.) on version upgrade
  • IOS-34: Add support for prepopulating the user's name

2012-01-13 wooster

  • Start of version 0.2.
  • Added support for adding and removing extra data to feedback.
  • Added initial version of metrics module.
  • Added support for optionally showing or hiding the email address field on feedback.
  • Added support for setting an initial email address on the feedback form.

To add data to feedback, use these methods on ATConnect:

- (void)addAdditionalInfoToFeedback:(NSObject<NSCoding> *)object withKey:(NSString *)key;
- (void)removeAdditionalInfoFromFeedbackWithKey:(NSString *)key;

The data objects should, at this time, either be of type NSString or NSDate. They will be added to the record[data] hash, with the key as the key, as in record[data][key].

If you add the metrics module to your project, it will load on run. It's experimental at this point, so I wouldn't recommend using it quite yet.

You can use these properties to control email field behavior on the feedback form:

@property (nonatomic, assign) BOOL showEmailField;
@property (nonatomic, retain) NSString *initialEmailAddress;

showEmailField controls whether or not the email address field is shown on the feedback form. initialEmailAddress can be used to set the initial email address that populates the field. Note: if the user submits feedback with a different email address, initialEmailAddress will not be used.