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Simulates the Monty Hall problem with 3 or more doors

The Monty Hall problem is a very (to me at least) counter-intuitive probability mind experiment which contorts my brain and fascinates me at the same time. I can just about understand the probabilistic arguments, but I still find it confusing. This program is an experimental simulator to see what numbers we get when the player decides to stick or switch.

If you are having problems understanding the outcome, I find it helps to imagine that there are a million doors rather than 3. After you choose your door (1/1,000,000 chance of hiding the car) Monty opens up 999,998 doors that hide goats to leave one door still closed. Now which door do you think is most likely to hide the car? The one you choose, or the one that Monty avoided opening while he opened all 999,998 other doors?! It seems obvious to me that the other door that Monty left un-opened has a massively higher chance of hiding the car than your original choice! As N reduces to 3 this 'obviousness' reduces greatly however!


There are 3 doors, behind one lies a car, while behind the other two are goats. A player chooses a door at random. Monty then opens one of the other doors to show that there is no car behind it. Monty asks the player if they would like to stick with their door or switch to the other un-opened door.

If the player sticks with their door then their chance of winning the car should be 1/3 If the player switches door then their chances of winning the car increases to 2/3!!!

For more info:

This program simulates the Monty Hall problem and outputs the resulting 'win-factor'. The following variables can be tweaked to alter the simulation parameters:

game_count - How many times the game is run before the 'win-rate' is calculated.

switch - Should the player switch doors or stick with their original choice?

door_count - Normally set to 3, this simulator can work with more than 3 doors.

quiet - If True then game messages are not printed out, this allows the simulation to run faster when door_count is high.

Example Output:

Games: 10000
Wins: 6684
Win rate: 0.668400


Simulates the Monty Hall problem with 3 or more doors







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