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Fields for ingredient, tag, kitchen tool, directions, cook time, prep time, servings - maybe even source and notes.

Meal Plan Recommendations

A big "recommend meal plan" button; takes in a number of meals to generate, returns a list. Calendar features can be added later.

User Pantry

Users can select ingredients that they have access to. I envision a "pantry" page where a list of ingredients in the pantry is displayed and items that you might own are suggested. Perhaps searches by ingredient could also suggest adding that ingredient to your pantry.

Meal Plan Saving

Every recipe should have a "save to meal plan" button. Past meal plans should be saved, as well. Each recipe in the meal plan should have ratings prominently displayed.

Grocery List Generation

A list of ingredients needed for the meal plan should be generated and checked against the pantry.

Nutritional Data Integration

  • Each RecipeIngredient should have the option to be mapped with a food in the nutrition database. If Null', it should default to the one that theIngredient` is mapped to.
  • Users should be allowed to select their own mapping for their recipes.
  • This needs general clean up of the ingredients in the database now.
  • Also needs a "map ingredients to foods" page, and possibly a "mark ingredients equivalent" page.
  • Nutritional information needs to be displayed for every recipe in a nice way, with editing allowed.
  • Weight conversions need to be figured out - perhaps if a unit is unrecognised, it can prompt for a conversion.

User Account Page

Users should be able to edit their account settings.

Integrating Facebook, Twitter and OpenID accounts.

Users should be able to integrate their different accounts.

Single Quantity Field

Integrate "Quantity" and "Max Quantity" fields in forms into a single quantity field that can process ranges.

Top Rated Recipe page

Have a top rated recipe page.

Allow Users to save recipes in a recipe book

While meal plans are for specific times, people should also be able to have a list of favourite recipes.

Allow recipes to be exported.

A standard XML or JSON or some such format needs to be designed or found. Plaintext is also allowed.

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