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Openframeworks addon for projector control through a network, allows you to control via either the PJLink Protocol or a NEC Projector
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Name    : ofxPJControl Library                         
Author  : Noah Shibley,                       
Date    : Aug 9th 2010                                 
Version : 0.1                                               
Notes   : PJLink and NEC projector control addon.
	ofxNetwork addon

Allows you to turn on or off and control a PJLink(most projectors) or NEC projector through the network.

PJLink Specification:

"PJLink enables central control of projectors manufactured by different 
vendors and projectors can be operated by a controller."


Function list:
        void On(); //command to turn the projector off
	void Off(); //command to turn the projector on
	void sendPJLinkCommand(string command); //send any PJLink command to the projector
	void setup(string IP_add="",int protocol=PJLINK_MODE); //default 
	void setProjectorType(int protocol); //NEC_MODE or PJLINK_MODE
	void setProjectorIP(string IP_add); //the network IP of the projector
	bool getProjectorStatus();



Step 1. in the testApp.h: 
#include "ofxPJControl.h"	
ofxPJControl projector1;
Step 2. in the testApp.cpp:

//Your projectors IP, and if its not NEC try PJLINK
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