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Pidgin-autoanswer, v. 0.71

This plugin for Pidgin performs itself like an answering machine or, more likely, a prompter robot. It tries to find suitable answers in your previous logs with current buddy and prompts its variants. Robot's AI is extremely poor, but the theory of probability works wonders sometimes. :) Or, at least, you will get your portion of fun :))
List of configurable features includes mode of answering without your permission (off by default), as far as robot's prefix to answers (for example if you want it to preface each answer with something like "The best answer is") and maximum amount of variants (to prevent the plugin from becoming a resource hog).


The pidgin header files are needed to compile the plugin.

Building & installation:

To build and install :
	You can compile the plugin using
	$ make
	and install it with
	$ make install
	This will install it in ~/.purple/plugins so that only the user who install it can use it.

To install it for everybody on your computer,
	$ make
	$ su
	# make install PREFIX="/path/to/pidgin" (this command as root user)
	generally /path/to/pidgin is /usr or /usr/local. If you don't know the path then you can find out using
	$ whereis pidgin
	and look for the part before "/lib/pidgin".

Using the plugin:

Being enabled in pidgin preferences, plugin is activated each time when new message comes. If there are some analogs in logs, robot adds a combobox with previous times answers to the conversation panel (and possibly lists variants in the conversation, if allowed in preferences). To use proposed answer one should choose it in combobox and confirm the choice by pressing "Say" button on the left.

Find new version:

Please check for updates, if any.


Developed by Dmitriy Kostiuk (
Early prototype was partially coded by Timothy Tupchik and Andrey Smirnov. Some code is still there (mainly one for scanning logs).
Also much regards for strstr() function which for now acts as robot's IQ :)

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