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@kgretzky kgretzky released this Nov 22, 2018 · 31 commits to master since this release

  • Added option to capture custom POST arguments additionally to credentials. Check custom field under credentials.
  • Added feature to inject custom POST arguments to requests. Useful for silently enabling "Remember Me" options, during authentication.
  • Restructured phishlet YAML config file to be easier to understand (phishlets from previous versions need to be updated to new format).
  • Removed name field from phishlets. Phishlet name is now determined solely based on the filename.
  • Now when any of auth_urls is triggered, the redirection will take place AFTER response cookies for that request are captured.
  • Regular expression groups working with sub_filters.
  • Phishlets are now listed in a table.
  • Phishlet fields are now selectively lowercased and validated upon loading to prevent surprises.
  • All search fields in the phishlet are now regular expressions by default. Remember about proper escaping!
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