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Obfusion - C++ X86 Code Obfuscation Library

This library handles obfuscation of assembled X86 machine code in order to make it harder to read and analyze during the reverse engineering process.

Should work very well with obfuscating shellcode that is later embedded with executable files. If shellcode is known to security products, the obfuscation process should make it bypass any signature detection scans.

This is a follow-up to the research I did on obfuscation of x86 instructions that I documented on my blog:

X86 Shellcode Obfuscation - Part 1

X86 Shellcode Obfuscation - Part 2

X86 Shellcode Obfuscation - Part 3

Library was initially compiled with MSVS2008, so there should be no compatibility issues even if you try to compile it using newer versions of Visual Studio.

Makefiles for Linux are coming soon(ish).


See examples/ directory to learn how to implement this library in your own projects.


Here is the disassembled sample shellcode that spawns calc.exe in original form: original shellcode

And here is the disassembly of the same sample shellcode after the 3-pass obfuscation process: obfuscated shellcode

How to compile


Open the .sln solution in Visual Studio (at least version 2008) and click Build Solution


Navigate to project directory and type:

cmake .
sudo make install

External libraries

Hacker Disassembler Engine 32/64 Copyright (c) 2006-2009, Vyacheslav Patkov. All rights reserved.


E-mail: kuba -at- breakdev.org


Library is released under GNU/GPL version 3.0

Copyright (c) 2016 Kuba Gretzky